Vineland Aikido  (member: United States Aikido Federation)
827 Landis Avenue, Vineland NJ   


Mon:    6-8 pm
Wed:    6-8 pm
Fri:       7-8 pm
Sat:       9:30-11 am


Email Contact:

Paul Rigby



For 30 years Vineland Aikikai has provided safe and effective training in the art of Aikido.  Chief Instructors: Peter Tamagni, shihan and rokudan passed in early 2016. Both he and  Eddie Williams, shidoin and godan, had each trained in the arts of Judo and Aikido for over 50 years.  Eddie Williams continues as Chief Instructor.  Mike Terruso, yondan is dojo cho and fukushidoin.

Aikido, a martial art used by many police departments, relies on timing and balance to redirect aggressive attacks.  It can meet the individual needs of many kinds of student.  Learn at your own pace in a safe and supportive training environment.  In the process improve your fitness, stamina, coordination and flexibility.

Directly across the street from the renovated Landis Theater.  Find the dojo on the second floor of the church building.  Entrance is from a side courtyard.
Visitors are always welcome.  Parking in side lot.

For Events check Vineland Aikikai Facebook page.

Low monthly fee       No contracts      Friendly atmosphere

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